Hall Capital has previously launched two independent private investment funds and partnered on a third.   None of the funds are currently deploying capital.

Fund II

Hall Capital Partners Fund II was launched in 2011 with $92 million in committed capital. The Fund’s current portfolio companies are JAC Products, Jerdon and Beamlight (doing business as Strong Lighting).

Portfolio companies nJoy Vision and Allo were previously divested.

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Fund I

Hall Capital Partners Fund I was launched in 2006 with $53 million in committed capital, returning investors over two times their invested capital in the midst of a global recession. The Fund divested its final holdings in 2016 and was closed-out in 2018.

Fund I portfolio companies included SAC Wireless, Mishawaka Sheet Metal, Oklahoma Breast Care Center, Motionwear, Superior Plant Services, Centrad Healthcare, and Texas True Choice.

For more information about portfolio companies, click here.


Catalyst/Hall was launched in 2002 with $50 million in committed capital and investors enjoyed a return of seven times their invested capital. Catalyst/Hall was closed-out in 2014.

Catalyst/Hall portfolio companies included Gexa, Benham, Midway, Greene’s, Multi-shot, DataCert, and Majestic.