Questions and Answers

What Types Of Investments Are Made By Hall Capital Partners Funds?

Acquisition and Growth Financing
We partner with private businesses to provide capital for acquisition or support growth and expansion. Our experience in mergers and acquisitions and effectively managing growth serve as a resource to the business partners our capital supports.

Ownership Changes and Shareholder Liquidity
We partner with private business owners to buyout shareholders, transition ownership to the next generation or to provide liquidity to existing shareholders. As part of an 87 year-old family-owned business, we have an appreciation for the dynamics between family members and the self-esteem and pride of private business owners.

Management Buyouts and Corporate Divestitures
We partner with management teams to acquire independent businesses or divisions of larger companies. The collaboration between the new management owners and our team fosters an environment conducive to growth, strategic thinking and rewarding achievement.

We partner with private businesses to de-lever and solidify its capitalization often in anticipation of significant growth or strategic opportunities. Our experience in strategic planning focused on value creation contributes an outside and independent perspective to the process of developing an effective capital structure.

What is Hall Capital Partners’ investment criteria?

Preferred Industries
Manufacturing, Distribution, or Service

Geographic Location
Nationwide with emphasis on the Midwest

Company Characteristics

  • Revenues of $10 – $100 million
  • Operating profit of at least $1 million
  • Experienced management team
  • Record of sustainable profits and cash flow

Investment Terms

  • $2 million to $25 million total investment
  • Minority or majority equity position
  • Common Stock
  • Preferred Stock
  • Meaningful management participation
  • Mezzanine debt can be provided in connection with equity investment

When is the right time to begin a discussion with Hall Capital Partners?

We are in the business of building relationships with quality people and businesses, irrespective of an impending transaction or financing. At any time, please do not hesitate to begin a dialogue with us about your business.

At what stage does Hall Capital Partners typically invest?

We invest in businesses that are at least three years old and have revenues of at least $10 million. However, for rapidly growing businesses, we are flexible in these parameters.

What size investment does Hall Capital Partners typically make?

Investments from our fund of committed capital are typically between $2 million to $10 million. However, our investors have the ability to readily support investments up to $25 million.

Who are Hall Capital Partners’ investors?

The Hall family is the largest investor in our funds.  Investors in partnership with the Hall family in our funds are primarily comprised of individuals, family investment offices, and pension funds.

How long does it take for Hall Capital Partners to make an investment decision?

Due to the number of opportunities that we review, the length of time to make a decision varies. However, as a matter of respect we make every effort to keep in contact with companies awaiting our review and comments. We appreciate the value of your time and endeavor to avoid delaying your financing pursuit.

What is Hall Capital Partners’ role after an investment is made?

We strive to contribute to value creation by remaining informed and aware of opportunities and changes facing each portfolio company, frequently sharing operational perspectives while assisting management by maintaining a balanced outside perspective.

Does Hall Capital Partners prefer to control portfolio companies?

We have the flexibility to invest in both majority and minority equity positions. It is our view that striving for a relationship built on respect and trust among all stakeholders is essential to any investment partnership success, not percentage ownership of the parties.

How active is Hall Capital Partners with its portfolio companies?

We can be as active as necessary to help support the numerous challenges facing a management team. We desire to avoid micromanaging, but prefer portfolio companies to avail themselves of our external perspective, varied industry knowledge and experience.

What is the length of time Hall Capital Partners usually holds an investment?

We typically hold our investments between 5 years and 7 years. However, we are flexible with some investments having been held short term, while other investments remain in the portfolio as much longer.